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What's the Best Spider Vein Treatment?

The appearance of spider veins can make you feel self-conscious, and at-home methods of eliminating them just don’t work. Dr. Dohner and his New York Skin & Vein Centers team offer several spider vein treatments. They can help you achieve clear skin and restore your confidence. 

What are Spider Veins?

Spider veins are small, discolored veins that appear under the skin. They usually occur on the legs and face, appearing red, blue, or purple. They often have a spiderweb or tree branch appearance. Spider veins develop when the pressure inside them forces the walls of the veins to stretch. Once stretched, they cannot return to normal, but they can be treated. 

What’s the Best Spider Vein Treatment?

Spider vein treatments vary depending on many factors, including their size and location. Dr. Dohner will assess your spider veins and may use a combination of treatments. He will explain the details of your treatment plan so you know what to expect. 


Sclerotherapy is the treatment of choice for all spider veins on your legs. It uses an FDA-approved solution injected into the vein, where it irritates the vein walls. The treated vein collapses, directing blood flow to healthier veins. Your body removes the treated vein over time. Sclerotherapy also works well for blue veins around your eyes too.

532 KTP and 1064 Nd:Yag Lasers

These lasers can be used anywhere on the face or body to address spider veins. It uses wavelengths that targets the pigments inside the veins. The energy transferred to these pigments breaks them up and causes the treated vein to collapse. 


Often used for spider veins on the nose and ankles, VeinGogh™ targets veins too small for sclerotherapy. It uses a thin fiber placed under the skin beside the problem vein. Pulses of laser energy collapse the targeted vein without affecting the skin or surrounding tissues. 

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Is There Any Downtime After Spider Vein Treatment?

Spider vein treatments are minimally invasive and require no downtime. Some people notice minor bruising or redness in the treatment area lasting a few days. You can resume your usual activities immediately. Sun avoidance for a week or more before and after your treatment is essential. Dr. Dohner and his team will provide you with specific aftercare instructions. 

What Results Will I See After Spider Vein Treatment?

Spider vein treatments stop blood flow through the treated veins. However, it takes time for your body to filter away the visible remnants. Most people see noticeable fading within a week or two, with continued fading for several weeks. Treated spider veins will not return, but you may develop new ones in the future. If you frequently develop small spider veins, you may benefit from maintenance treatments every year or two. 


*Individual Results May Vary

Dr. Dohner and his team strive to provide the best experience for everyone who chooses their practice for their aesthetic and vein needs. Read why our patients love their results & experience with Dr. Dohner and his team of expert providers at New York Skin & Vein Center in New York.

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