Varicose Veins

Make Your Achy, Throbbing Veins Disappear

If your legs ache, throb, cramp, swell,  itch, feel restless, tired or heavy, or have rashes, ulcers, or clots, then it is probably a vein problem that can be fixed right in the office under local anesthesia. In the past decade, there have been extraordinary technological breakthroughs when it comes to the treatment of varicose veins. Men and women who are troubled by varicose veins can achieve relief with a variety of minimally invasive, non-hospital, and non-surgical options. These new, pain-free procedures have dramatically improved patients’ lives, providing optimal physical, emotional, and cosmetic health.

How Does Varicose Vein Removal Work?

At New York Skin & Vein Centers, we offer several minimally-invasive procedures designed to treat symptomatic varicose veins on the thighs, legs, calves, and ankles.

Endovenous Laser Treatments (EVLT)

Endovenous laser treatments is usually the first treatment required. Focused laser energy is sent directly to the underlying problem feeder vein closing off the abnormal blood flow. You will experience improved circulation as blood is redirected to normal veins. EVLT also gives you aesthetically-pleasing results.

Ambulatory Phlebectomy

Ambulatory Phlebectomy is a minimally-invasive procedure where bulging veins are pulled out through freckle-sized pokes in the skin. Results are immediate and long-lasting. The procedure can be done alongside EVLT to enhance the health benefits and cosmetic appearance of your unwanted varicose veins.

Ultrasound-Guided Sclerotherapy

Ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy is often used for hard-to-treat or recurrent areas of varicose veins. Using an ultrasound to guide the treatment, an FDA-cleared solution is injected directly into the problem vein. The medication causes the vein to close in on itself allowing your body to naturally absorb problem veins. Dr. Dohner uses enhanced foam sclerotherapy for faster. more effective results.

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Am I A Good Candidate For Varicose Vein Removal?

You might be a good candidate for vein removal if you are bothered by the symptoms noted above and you’d like a long-term solution. Treatments will also improve the appearance of your varicose veins too. Depending on your individual needs and concerns, you may be better suited for one treatment over another. Occasionally, multiple procedures can be combined for a synergistic effect. At the time of your consultation, Dr. Dohner will create a customized treatment plan just for you.

How Long Do Treatments Take?

Varicose vein treatments are often quick, easy, and pain-free. In most cases, your in-office procedure can be done in less than 60 minutes allowing you to get back to your daily routine.

What Results Can I Expect?*

In a matter of days, you’ll begin to notice an improvement in the aching, throbbing, cramping, and tired heavy feeling in your leg. Then the varicose veins start to shrink up. More serious threats of clots and chronic vein disease will no longer be a worry. Many patients report feeling better about the way they look and feel and enjoy a boost in self-confidence. Multiple treatments may be necessary to achieve an optimal outcome.

Is There Any Downtime?*

You may have a day or two of downtime depending on the severity of your condition and the removal method chosen. In some cases, there will be no downtime and you can go about your normal routine immediately. Dr. Dohner will talk to you about your options in-depth at the time of your initial consult.

Our Results

Dr. Dohner’s and his team are made up of motivated, well-trained individuals who are only happy with our work when you are 100% happy with your results… and we love our work! See some amazing results from our patients in our before & after gallery.


*Individual Results May Vary

Dr. Dohner and his team strive to provide the best experience for everyone who chooses their practice for their aesthetic and vein needs. Read why our patients love their results & experience with Dr. Dohner and his team of expert providers at New York Skin & Vein Center in New York.



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