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How Effective Is Endovenous Laser Treatment?

Are you bothered by your varicose veins? This problem is usually more than skin-deep. Varicose veins can be a sign of an underlying medical condition. Endovenous laser treatment effectively treats these abnormal veins. It restores normal blood flow and improves the appearance of visible varicose veins. 

What is Endovenous Laser Treatment?

Varicose veins can be a sign that deeper veins are not working correctly, allowing blood to pool into veins on the surface. These veins stretch and bulge, becoming varicose veins. Endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) closes off damaged veins, redirecting blood flow to normal veins. Dr. Dohner performs this treatment by inserting a micro-thin fiber into the problem vein. The fiber emits pulses of energy that target the vein walls. The treated vein will collapse and fade over time.

How Effective is Endovenous Laser Treatment?

Dr. Dohner uses EVLT as a first-line treatment for most varicose veins. It can effectively treat damaged feeder veins beneath the skin. Not only does it restore healthy circulation in your legs, but it also improves their appearance by allowing the treated veins to fade over time. EVLT is usually extremely effective in improving varicose vein symptoms and concerns. 


EVLT may not get rid of all your varicose veins. Many people benefit from EVLT to treat problem feeder veins, followed by another treatment like ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy or ambulatory phlebectomy. A combination of treatments helps most people enjoy aesthetically pleasing results and improved leg health. 

What is Recovery Like After Endovenous Laser Treatment?

You may need to wear compression stockings after treatment to help collapse the treated vein. You can return to most of your usual activities immediately. You will need to walk every day to promote circulation. There is no recovery time, and most people have little to no discomfort in the area after treatment

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What Results Will I See With Endovenous Laser Treatment?

You may start to notice relief from varicose vein symptoms within a few weeks after treatment. During this time, the treated vein will fade as the body removes it. Once removed, these problem veins will not return. Maintaining a healthy level of physical activity and taking other precautions can keep blood flowing in your legs and limit the development of future problems. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Endovenous Laser Treatment?

Only a consultation can determine whether EVLT is right for you. Good candidates usually have problematic varicose veins and want to address them. This treatment is safe and effective for almost anyone. Dr. Dohner will review your health history, including any cardiovascular or bleeding conditions, before deciding on the best treatment option for you.


*Individual Results May Vary

Dr. Dohner and his team strive to provide the best experience for everyone who chooses their practice for their aesthetic and vein needs. Read why our patients love their results & experience with Dr. Dohner and his team of expert providers at New York Skin & Vein Center in New York.

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