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What to Expect After a Laser Tattoo Removal Session

Everyone has their reasons for wanting to remove a tattoo. It might look like crap, be in an bad location, or just not suit the sophisticated person you’ve become. You can get rid of that tattoo for good for whatever reason you have with laser tattoo removal. This treatment breaks up pigment molecules, so your tattoo fades or disappears, depending on what you want.

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work? 

At New York Skin & Vein Centers, the Enlighten™ laser provides safer, more effective tattoo removal than any other system. Laser tattoo removal works by using rapid pulses of laser energy that break up tattoo pigments. The pigment molecules under your skin are too large for your body to remove, but with the laser’s energy, they break into small pieces that your system can easily filter away. 

What Does Laser Tattoo Removal Feel Like?

Laser tattoo removal with the Enlighten™ laser is faster and more comfortable than older systems. You may notice a sensation of warmth or a stinging feeling like a rubber band snapping on the skin. Most sessions take less than an hour, with smaller tattoos taking much less time than large ones. 

What to Expect After a Laser Tattoo Removal Session

Each person’s recovery after laser tattoo removal happens at a different pace. Most people need between four and eight weeks between each treatment. Your provider will teach you how to take care of the treated area after your treatment. 

For a few days afterwards, you may have some small scabs or blisters. These will disappear on their own as long as you do not pick at them. You may also notice minor swelling or redness lasting several days. Your provider will recommend products to protect your skin and help it heal quickly. Avoid shaving or other hair removal methods in the treated area until the skin has healed. 

Sun exposure can cause damage to recently laser-treated skin. Your skin will be extremely sensitive to UV light, so avoid exposure as much as possible and wear a high-SPF sunscreen. You will be free to get the area wet in a shower after the skin heals, but avoid soaking in water, such as bathing or swimming. 

You can encourage pigment removal by promoting healthy lymphatic function. Staying physically active and well-hydrated encourages the activity of your lymphatic system. This filtration system will remove damaged pieces of pigment molecules. 

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How Many Laser Tattoo Removal Sessions Will I Need? 

Each tattoo is unique, and so is the removal process. Factors that influence how many sessions you need include:

  • The size of the tattoo
  • The colors of the tattoo, with darker shades being easiest to remove
  • The age of your tattoo, since older pigments may be closer to the surface
  • Whether your tattoo was performed by an amateur or professional

You may need anywhere from two sessions to eight or more to get rid of your tattoo. Your provider will estimate how many sessions you may need after evaluating your tattoo, but each body responds differently. 


*Individual Results May Vary

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