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What to Do About Sagging Jowls

A sharp, defined jawline gives you a more youthful profile. Over time, the skin and underlying structures of the mid and lower face can start to droop. As a result, you may start to notice sagging jowls. Fortunately, you have highly effective, non-surgical options to restore that sculpted jaw. 

What Causes Sagging Jowls? 

The mid-face and jaw area start to sag as the skin loses elasticity and firmness. Youthful skin produces high levels of collagen and elastin, but these decrease as skin ages. As a result, many of us experience hollow cheeks and sagging jowls. This gives you a squared off face that is a feature of a masculine face. A feminine face should have a more triangular look with higher fuller cheekbones tapering down to a smaller chin. At New York Skin & Vein Centers, we offer a range of jaw-sculpting options. However, we often recommend a thread lift for those with drooping skin. 

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What to Do About Sagging Jowls

We carefully choose the best treatments to meet your needs. A thread lift is our preferred option for many people with sagging jowls. A thread lift uses sutures made of biologically safe materials to lift the jaws and cheeks

During this non-surgical procedure, Dr. Dohner inserts the threads and uses them to lift and firm sagging jowls. He will use a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable during the 45-minute procedure. A thread lift doesn’t require incisions and leaves no scars. 

How Do PDO and InstaLift™ Thread Lifts Work?

At New York Skin & Vein Centers, we offer PDO and Silhouette InstaLift™ thread lifts. These two work in a similar way, but they have some differences that allow Dr. Dohner to choose the best one for you. 

When inserted under the skin, both will last for one to three years. During this time, they stimulate collagen production, helping your skin retain its firm, lifted position. This new collagen outlasts the threads themselves. PDO threads often provide more collagen production, while InstaLift™ threads may provide more lift. 

What is Recovery Like From a Thread Lift?

A thread lift requires minimal recovery time. This non-surgical procedure may cause minor soreness and swelling that lasts a few days. You can manage any soreness with over-the-counter pain relievers. Most people go back to work the day after the procedure. You can see your results immediately after your thread lift, and they will continue to improve as more collagen develops. 

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Am I a Good Candidate for a Thread Lift for Sagging Jowls?

A thread lift offers a safe, minimally invasive way to treat sagging jowls. Ideal candidates want to lift drooping jowls and cheeks without the recovery time of a facelift. A neck lift provides excellent results with downtime comparable to non-invasive treatments. Good candidates have no significant health problems and reasonable expectations. 

How Long Will My Thread Lift Results Last? 

The new collagen triggered by your PDO or InstaLift™ threats will last much longer than the threads themselves. You can expect your results to last 12 to 36 months before starting to fade. You can combine a thread lift with non-invasive skin-firming treatments to enhance their results. 


*Individual Results May Vary

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