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How Often Should You Get a Chemical Peel?

Looking to boost your skin’s health and your complexion? Chemical peels are used to treat acne, large pores, fine lines, uneven skin tones, brown spots, and scars by improving skin color, tone, and texture. This procedure removes the top layers of your skin, giving you smoother and more radiant skin. Peels can be done alone or combined with other cosmetic procedures.

Types of Chemical Peels

The type of chemical peel you need is determined by the problems your skin has and what you want to see improved. This also determines how frequently you should get treatment. Each type of chemical peel – superficial, light, or medium – uses a different chemical solution. (Deep peels are no longer routinely offered due to the potential for scaring and cardiac problems.)and It is important to note that chemical peels are considered maintenance for your skin. New sun damage, acne, and the natural aging process will alter results.

Superficial and Light Chemical Peels

Superficial and light chemical peels are the most common types. Superficial peels work only on the topmost layer of skin and usually have no downtime or visible peeling. These are usually the only ones offered in a spa and can be used right before a big event to make you look radiant. A light chemical peel removes the outer layer of the skin and is used to treat acne, large pores, oily skin, melasma, and fine lines. Treated areas take 3 to 5 days to heal, and new skin might temporarily appear darker than before. Following treatment, your skin will be peeled, red, dry, and irritated.

Depending on your desired results, you can get a light chemical peel as often as every 4 to 6 weeks. Following treatment, it is recommended that you avoid sun exposure until your skin is completely healed. Results may be subtle at first but will increase with repeated treatments.

Consultations Available Now

The first step is to schedule an in-person consultation with one of our highly trained providers at New York Skin & Vein Center located in Oneonta, NY, serving the surrounding New York City areas with additional offices in Norwich, Binghamton, and Cobleskill.

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Medium Chemical Peels

Medium peels penetrate more deeply and remove skin cells from the outer layer and upper part of your middle layer of skin. They are used for superficial and deeper wrinkles, etched-in lines, acne scars, large pores, precancerous spots (actinic keratoses), uneven skin tones, brown spots, melasma, and scars. Treated skin will initially be red, tight, and swollen.

As the swelling decreases, your skin will darken and form a crust. There is no pain post-treatment but your skin will feel tight. Treated areas may take 7 to 10 days to completely peel and heal, though redness can last for 3 months. Your skin will be noticeably smoother after treatment. The results are dramatic and last for years. To maintain results, you may want to repeat treatment every three to nine months.

What’s Right for Me?

The best way to determine which treatment is right for you is to schedule a consult with the experts at New York Skin & Vein Centers. Our specialists will take the time to assess your expectations and treatment options.


*Individual Results May Vary

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*Individual Results May Vary.

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