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How Can I Get Rid of Blue Veins Around My Eyes?

Are you tired of blue veins around your eyes? Facial spider veins can be blue, purple, or red and often look like a web or tangle of threads. They appear for many reasons, but many people dislike their appearance and want them to disappear. Treatment can help you eliminate these facial spider veins for clearer skin. 

What Causes Blue Facial Veins?

Blue veins around the eyes are a type of spider vein. This common problem results when tiny veins near the surface of your skin become stretched. Blue spider veins most often appear on the legs or around the eyes. Factors that cause spider veins include heredity, sun exposure, and conditions like rosacea. Spider veins will not go away on their own, but they respond well to treatment. 

How Can I Get Rid of Blue Veins Around My Eyes?

Dr. Dohner will use one of two methods to treat blue veins around your eyes. Both are highly effective in stopping blood flow through the problem veins. Some veins may require more than one treatment. 


Sclerotherapy is the preferred treatment for most spider veins, including the blue ones around your eyes. Dr. Dohner injects an FDA-approved sclerosing agent that causes the walls of the treated vein to collapse. Without blood flow, the vein begins to fade, with maximum results after three to five weeks.

Laser Treatments

The Nd:Yag Excel V Laser uses two different wavelengths of energy. The laser targets the spider veins and heats them, damaging them and causing them to collapse. This treatment works best for the smallest spider veins or those that do not respond well to sclerotherapy. 

Are Spider Veins the Same as Varicose Veins?

While people may refer to them interchangeably, spider and varicose veins are not the same. Varicose veins usually occur in the legs. They are larger than spider veins and often look raised, twisted, and discolored. While spider veins are almost always a cosmetic problem, varicose veins can suggest an underlying condition. 

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Is There Any Downtime With Facial Spider Vein Treatment?

You may have some downtime after laser treatments or sclerotherapy. The veins treated can be darker or raised afterwards for several days. The risk of bruising with injections is always present. After your sclerotherapy injection or non-invasive laser treatment, you can return to your usual activities. You should protect the treated area from the sun to prevent the darkening of your treated veins. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Facial Spider Vein Treatment?

Most spider veins respond to treatment with one of these two methods. Since they are localized and minimally invasive, they are safe for almost everyone. 



*Individual Results May Vary

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