Why ThermiVa?

Has This Ever Happened to You Before?

You really want to go to the new show at the theater. But all your friends say that it was hilarious and they laughed their heads off. No one except you knows that every time you laugh you wet yourself. How embarrassing. So instead of having fun with your friends and husband, you stay home because you know where the bathroom is. A drive to your sister’s house two hours away is unthinkable. You’d have to stop at least three times during the drive…who wants to use a gas station bathroom?

Or This:

It’s your once-a-month date night with your husband on a Friday night. You know what that means. Dinner and a movie or a show and maybe even dancing. He rubs his hand up and down your back because he knows what’s happening that night. You do too, but you’re a little uncomfortable. In fact, you’re a lot uncomfortable. Change of life has brought wisdom and the kids are out of the house. But it also brought dryness and painful sexual relations with your husband. Lubricants only help to some extent. You don’t want to take dangerous hormones.

What next?

How Did This Happen to You?

Vaginal childbirth or multiple births and the effects of menopause can cause physical changes which rob women of their sense of well-being and personal happiness. Some of these issues include:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Urinary incontinence (wetting)
  • Overactive bladder
  • Problems achieving an orgasm
  • Weakness of the pelvis, allowing the bladder or rectum to fall into the vagina

ThermiVA Could Be Right for You if You Are Experiencing Any of These Symptoms:

  • Do you occasionally dribble or leak when you sneeze, cough, laugh, or exercise?
  • Have you ever “not quite made it” to the bathroom on time?
  • Do you have a dropped bladder, uterus, or rectum?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable with the way you look in yoga pants?
  • Do you feel “loose” vaginally since childbirth or menopause?
  • Do you feel dry during intercourse?
  • Do you have trouble reaching orgasm?
  • Are you experiencing loss of self-confidence?
  • Loss of interest or desire in sex due to problems with intercourse?
  • Have your intimate relationships suffered due to these changes?

You Are Not Alone:

  • 40% of American women have Overactive Bladder.
  • 57% of women ages 40 to 60 have stress incontinence (wetting or dribbling). This increases to 75% by age 75.
  • 50% of Menopausal Women suffer Atrophic Vaginitis (Dryness) with thinning of the vaginal wall and this affects women on supplemental hormones as well.
  • Over 50% of women experience Orgasmic Disorders – difficulty achieving orgasm due to loss of sensitivity, moisture, and pain from intercourse.
  • 46% of women report that they are not happy with “camel-toe” and feel insecure about their appearance.
  • Some women don’t like the way they look in a bathing suit.
What Is ThermiVA and How Does It Work?