A Case Study: Pete Bussman, Cooperstown NY

Pete-Bussman New York Skin & Vein Center

Pete Bussman is a 73-year-old realtor who was plagued for many years by varicose veins. In 2012 he visited Dr. Dohner for a consultation, and here is what happened, in Pete’s own words:

“For the last 15 years, my right leg had been swollen and hot. Whenever I stood I had to put most of my weight on my other leg. Then I had an accident, and when I went to the hospital with an open wound on that right leg I was told to wear compression hose. No doctor ever addressed my veins, and no one told me why my leg was swollen. I was only advised to wear the hose”.

“In 2012 I saw an advertisement in the local newspapers for a free vein check-up at Dr. Dohner’s office. I decided to give it a try. At my consultation with Dr. Dohner, it was explained to me, in layman’s terms, what was wrong with my leg and the procedure that could alleviate the pain and swelling. I needed to have saphenous vein treated with endovenous laser ablation (EVLA) to seal the swollen veins that were causing my discomfort.”

“I checked the procedure Dr. Dohner had advised on the Internet and decided that this would be the safest treatment for my leg, and I then decided to have it done as soon as possible.”

“In his office, Dr. Dohner explained very carefully what would happen during this treatment. Because I now understood what would be happening during the procedure I had no fear at all. I was well taken care of from start to finish. The hour-long experience was painless, and there was no post-op pain either. I could feel the difference in my leg right away; it was easier for me to walk, and I returned to my normal activities within seven days. Even better, my Medicare and my Medicare Supplement Plan took care of the entire procedure.”

“Recently I had a one-year check-up with Dr. Dohner. The varicose veins have not returned and Dr. Dohner does not have to see me again (although he did advise me to return to him if the veins do reappear)”.

“Today my right leg is as normal as my left, and when I stand I can put equal weight on both of them. Over the last eight months, I have lost 20 pounds because of my daily walking, an exercise that has also helped my mental state”.

“I would tell anyone who is afraid of having this leg-vein procedure that they should most assuredly not let that fear interfere with the best treatment for their legs. And I would add that they should have the procedure done sooner rather than later”.

“Thank you, Dr. Dohner. Without this procedure and the good care given to me by you and your staff, I would not feel this healthy. Without your care, I would still be suffering from a painful leg, and I wouldn’t be physically able to do what I can do now.”

“I have recommended Dr. Dohner to many of my friends and colleagues.”


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