Tattoos are very personal for the people who have them, as are the reasons some people wish to have them removed. Some have less-than-stellar artwork, while others are in locations that aren’t ideal to their profession. If even one part of a tattoo is undesirable, be it a name or misspelling, partial removal could be desirable. Whatever your reason, New York Skin & Vein Center offers tattoo removal, tattoo lightening to facilitate a tattoo cover-up, or correction work for tattoo mistakes.

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My Tattoo is Too Colorful to Remove

There is no such thing. It’s true some lasers are less effective on specific colors, but the enlighten™ laser is not one of them. What makes it so good? It’s quicker, removes a wider variety of colors, is safer and cheaper thanks to fewer necessary treatments, and it’s safe for all skin types. It outperforms other lasers, and that includes the PicoSure laser.

The enlighten™ Laser

Color tattoos are not as responsive as black, so a variety of wavelengths for different time lengths is required to remove them all. The enlighten™ laser has this capability. Tattoo removal does vary because of ink color, ink type, tattoo’s age, and the depth of the ink deposits. These all impact the final level of removal. But the enlighten™ laser leads the industry in success for removing tattoos. How?

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The enlighten™ laser is the first laser on the market to include both nanosecond and picosecond pulse lengths in an ideal blend. Large ink particles respond better to longer (nanosecond) pulses to shatter the ink. As the particles become smaller, shorter pulses (picoseconds) are more effective, shattering the ink into dust, small enough for them to be absorbed by the body. This results in faster tattoo removal in fewer treatments—2 to 7 instead of up to 20—no matter the color.

The results are undeniable.

New York Skin & Vein is the only tattoo removal service in the entire state of New York to offer this laser treatment. The enlighten™ laser is so effective, without causing thermal damage to surrounding tissues, that it’s ideal for all skin types.

Dr. Dohner makes me feel at ease, I trust him. He and his staff give exceptional customer service. They make you feel welcome with their friendliness. They exhibit patience, and are very professional. I highly recommend!

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