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The following is from Dr. Red Alinsod who is a Urogynecologist from California who helped develop ThermiVA.

What Are The Differences Between ThermiVA And Lasers For Vulvovaginal Rejuvenation? (Femlift, MonaLisa, Intimalase, Viveve)?

When looking objectively at choices, ThermiVA radiofrequency technology is rapidly becoming the standard by which all feminine rejuvenation devices are being compared to and judged by. RF is the only RX to show an increase in elastin and the only technology to have histologic studies. This means the tissue was biopsied after treatment to look for improvement in the health of the tissue.

So, What Can ThermiVA do?

It can do two things well. First, it can tighten vulvovaginal tissues incontestably better than any laser system on the market. It can tighten the labia majora sagging dramatically to levels not seen by laser systems both CO2 and Erbium, both ablative and nonablative, both fractional and non-fractional. There are dozens of photos on and other websites showing the amazing tightening effects externally with the use of ThermiVA. Go try to find a single set of photos showing the Before and After tightening effects of any laser system and compare them to ThermiVA. They will be hard to find because the laser systems, like FemiLift or MonaLisa or IntimaLase, are not routinely used to shrink the labia majora. In fact, you need a separate handpiece and anesthesia if you choose to use it for the labia majora. There is significant downtime with that ablative treatment.

In contrast to lasers, ThermiVA applies heat (40-45 Celsius) that is sustained and comfortable because it is “temperature controlled.” ThermiVA uses very smart software and technology that is able to slowly heat tissues to targeted temperatures and then maintain the temperatures to obtain the tissue contraction that the “blast and cool” laser methods could not achieve consistently.

ThermiVA’s internal treatments of the vagina are superior in tightness than any currently available laser system geared for vaginal rejuvenation; it has been clinically confirmed by dozens of ThermiVA users.

One more thing, with the tightening of vaginal tissues, you can target the tightening effects to the area of the urethra called “pubocervical fascia”. This results in an amazing reduction in a leaky bladder. Both stress incontinence (leaking from increased pressure such as a cough, sneeze, jump) and overactive bladder are relieved consistently. The tightening is immediate and many are dry after just one treatment.

Dribbling goes away, urge symptoms subside.

In fact, the effects of radiofrequency on the bladder are just about as good as any of the anticholinergics drugs available without the negatives of dry mouth and constipation.

Urogynecologists who offer ThermiVA have reported a dramatic reduction in the number of bladder surgery needing to be performed and the number of prescriptions written for overactive bladder. No mesh. No drugs.

Secondly, Thermiva Increases Blood Flow. This is Perhaps The “Biggest Deal”.

While it is true that vaginal and vulvar biopsies have not been published to show the microscopic effects—because those studies are not quite complete yet—on a visual exam (a macro exam) you can see vessels forming on labial and vaginal tissues. The increased blood flow is real as evidenced by the increased transudate from arterioles going into the vaginal canal and resolution of the dry vagina. In effect, is one of the few things in my practice that I can say is 100% since not a single patient has failed treatment for atrophic vulvovaginitis (dry vulva and vagina). Along with the increased blood flow comes improvement in the sensitivity of the vulvar structures, the clitoral region, and the internal vagina.

Regarded by many as “Female Viagra” (due to the increased blood flow in the genital structures treated) ThermiVA also increases the sensitivity of the G-Spot areas and, as a result, many patients have reported consistently improved orgasmic response.

And it gets better! Because of this increased blood flow, there is an increased production of collagen. Tighter new collagen that is more pliable and soft. Even the most atrophic vagina with a pinpoint hole for entry (not at all amenable to the large FemiLift or MonaLisa laser handpieces) will get softer, more pliable, and moist, allowing for comfortable sex after just three treatments!

ThermiVA’s thin and gently curved handpiece allows for such delicate treatments needed for thickening of the vaginal lining and resolution of painful intercourse.
There is one other radiofrequency treatment on the market called Viveve but most women report that it is very painful.

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ThermiVA vs. the Competition:

Safety: No known adverse reactions or complications with ThermiVA. No blisters or burns. No need for laser glasses or smoke evacuators or masks for the venereal wart viruses that may get in the air with laser systems when they smoke tissues.

Convenience: ThermiVA has a single use wand. You know it is a brand new and clean wand when you open the package yourself. Plus, with not having to switch handpieces, there is no downtime when you go from external to internal treatments and no need to disconnect and reconnect anything. It is a totally seamless procedure.

Anesthesia: ThermiVA does not need any type of anesthesia. Laser systems typically do not need anesthesia for internal vaginal treatments but will most likely need anesthetic cream for the treatment of the vaginal opening and labia majora. ThermiVA treatments feel like a warm stone massage while laser treatments are known to give painful sensations during treatment.

Downtime: Zero downtime for ThermiVA. You can have sex, go to the gym, do anything you want to immediately after treatments. There is no abnormal discharge after treatment. Laser systems claim no downtime also, but there is a discharge from the ablative or resurfacing effects for 5-7 days. It is not appropriate to claim that there is no downtime or discharge with the use of FemiLift or MonaLisa or IntimaLase.

Results*: Patient satisfaction is very high with ThermiVA and the stories told are simply amazing. It is more than just tightening of the feminine structures! ThermiVA addresses the complete spectrum of feminine rejuvenation. Pelvic pain and discomfort from atrophy or dryness improve. Everyone who is dry and atrophic gets moister (even irradiated pelvis). Results for incontinence are similar to surgery and drugs.

*Individual Results May Vary 


*Individual Results May Vary

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