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Does Acne Go Away On Its Own?

Did you have acne as a teenager? Almost everyone would say they did. However, many of those people no longer have acne. Whether acne goes away on its own depends on the type and causes of the problem. Even acne that goes away eventually can still leave scars, so anyone with acne can benefit from seeing a skin specialist. 

Acne Binghamton

What Causes Acne?

The pores on your face contain sebaceous glands that produce oil. This oil helps keep your skin healthy, but some people make too much. Acne occurs when these pores become blocked with dead skin cells, dirt, and other debris. Underlying causes include hormonal changes, genetics, and skin type. Acne ranges from non-inflammatory blackheads to deep, painful cysts. 

Does Acne Go Away On Its Own?

Acne is most common among adolescents but occurs in many adults. Teenage acne is usually triggered by hormonal changes. Many adolescents will see their acne fade as their hormones stabilize. However, acne during this time can be severe and require treatment to prevent scarring and emotional distress. 

Acne that persists into adulthood may not go away on its own. Some people are prone to breakouts throughout their lives, You can also experience acne during pregnancy and other hormonal changes that usually go away as your hormones return to normal. If you have adult acne, see your New York Skin and Vein team for treatment. 

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What’s The Best Way to Treat Acne?

Your New York Skin and Vein team will develop an acne treatment plan to meet your needs. This plan may include:


We recommend ZO® Skin Health, a world leader in medical-grade skincare. Their products can restore your skin’s health and reduce the appearance of acne. We can help you choose the right products for your acne management routine. 


Medications such as Accutane can be very effective in treating acne. However, they can have side effects such as dry skin. Most side effects are temporary and will become less noticeable over time. Other medications can also reduce the severity of your acne. 

Light Therapy

BLU-U is a type of light therapy that can dramatically reduce the appearance of mild to moderate acne. This treatment helps kill acne-causing bacteria and keep your pores clear. This treatment makes a good option for those not interested in medications. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Acne Treatments?

Anyone with acne is a good candidate for treatment. If your acne has not gone away or keeps coming back, a skin expert can help you find relief. Not every treatment works for everyone, but we can find a plan that works for you. Most people can achieve significant improvements in their acne and avoid future scarring and pigmentation issues. 


*Individual Results May Vary

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