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Janet Hurley-Quackenbush, age 47, is an active member of the Oneonta community, serving as a member of the Town Board for 14 years, and, more recently, elected to the County Board of Representatives. A mother of two girls, she owns a catering business.

Here, in her own words, are her experiences with leg pain, Dr. Dohner, and his staff at the Skin & Vein Center: “Before I visited Dr. Dohner, the ugly, protruding veins on my leg literally looked like a snake wrapped around my knee. My leg was hot, red, and achy.”

“I had had these symptoms for over five years. Although my doctors agreed that the situation was most probably hereditary (I have a family history of poor circulation and varicose veins and my grandmother had a blood clot in her leg following a simple surgery), every doctor I saw insisted that, although my veins were ugly, they were not a serious health threat.”

“I heard about the Center and went for a consultation with Dr. Dohner. He showed me via an ultrasound what the underlying vein problem was and how he could fix it. During my procedure, I was a nervous mess because of my grandmother’s history. I was afraid that I would develop a blood clot after the procedure even though Dr. Dohner assured me that the risk was very low. He had me come in twice after the procedure to recheck my leg and reassure me that there was no blood clot and ease my mind. Thank you, Dr. Dohner!”

“My procedure was over in about an hour, and I returned to my normal activities by the end of the week. My leg looked better and I felt better right away. The mild post-op bruising that Dr. Dohner told me to expect faded within a couple of weeks.”

“Dr. Dohner’s staff was excellent. I loved the treatment from the nurse that Dr. Dohner had for me, one-on-one, during the procedure. She was there 100% just for me. My special nurse kept me calm and was very reassuring. She even rubbed my back to ease my anxieties. It was nice to have that kind of bedside care.”

“As luck will have it, I suffered a water skiing injury shortly after my legs were treated, and as a result of the trauma from a total tear of my hamstring muscle, a few veins returned to my nearly perfect leg. So, I ended up having the procedure twice”.

“My insurance covered just about everything, and my legs look great now!”

“I would suggest to anyone who thinks their varicose veins need to be repaired that they go right ahead and have the procedure – absolutely as soon as possible.”

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