“In my almost 20 years of helping people to achieve natural good looks, my view of this discipline has changed tremendously. Back when I started, all we had was Botox™, Zyplast (beef collagen filler), chemical peels, and a couple of lasers, which didn’t do all that much. Now we have over 15 FDA approved fillers, 4 wrinkle relaxers, thread lifts, and hundreds of lasers and radio frequency devices to help you look as young as you feel. This gives you many treatment choices, which can be very confusing. Fortunately, with my years of experience and study and because all of these services are now getting reviews on sites like RealSelf.com, we can now provide objective, as well as subjective, information about what you can expect from these treatments. I hope that you find this book useful and that it allows you to become a more informed consumer.” – Eric Dohner, MD 

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