Will I Ever Again Be Able To Eat The Things I Love?

Love of food is learned and inexact. People in Scandinavia love to eat rotten fish. We love ice cream and pizza. But a taste of something we love is not two slices of a pie, a whole pizza or a quart of ice cream. The answer to that question is that you will be able to eat the things you love because your brain will gradually change what you love to eat. Your taste buds will recover back to the way they naturally should be and you will likely find most of the foods you now think you can’t live without to be too sweet, taste strange or have nasty aftertastes. You will actually be able to taste the chemicals that go into the processing of these foods.

Remember what is not fit for human consumption in any significant amount. It causes inflammation, increases our blood sugars and Insulin, and sets up overgrowth of unfavorable bacteria in our intestines. Corn and rice are also too full of starch and act the same way.

Doesn’t This Way Of Eating Cost A lot?