Who Performs the ThermiVA Treatment and What Does It Feel Like?

All consultations and treatments are provided by confidential highly-trained nurses who have actually had the ThermiVA treatment themselves!

You are seated on a warm soft comfortable exam table with footrests. The ThermiVA wand is then moved over your perineum in a standard fashion for approximately 15 minutes. The wand is then gently inserted into your vagina to tighten the bladder wall for another 15 minutes. The treatments feel like a warm washcloth on your bottom without pain or discomfort.

The ThermiVA Wand is the size of a women’s finger and very comfortable.

These safe, effective and quick ThermiVA treatments require no anesthesia or downtime and you will achieve the improvement you want and need in just three monthly treatments. Best of all, there are no detrimental side effects! No more vaginal dryness. No more painful intimacy. You can enjoy renewed relationships with your partner the same day!

What Other Women Are Saying about ThermiVA