What Will Happen at Your Consultation?

At your initial consultation, Dr. Dohner will give you a complete physical exam, followed by a simple, painless ultrasound of your legs that will be performed with you standing up. Why? That is the position in which the problem veins can best be seen. The ultrasound combined with talking to you about your leg problems allows Dr. Dohner to diagnose your vein disease. He will then help you understand both your problem and its remedies.

Dr. Dohner will then recommend a course of treatment to address your specific problems, and together you will make a plan that benefits you and your legs. These solutions will remove your symptoms, get rid of the abnormal veins, and decrease your risk of developing the more serious consequences of vein disease.

Some insurance companies require that you attempt so-called ‘conservative therapy’ before they will ultimately pay to fix your legs. This includes wearing tight support hose, taking anti-inflammatory pain pills and elevating your legs as much as possible. The point of the hose is to compress the veins and force the blood back into circulation. The hose can help you sometimes especially if you wear them during your normal work hours. All of these measures are, of course, only temporary and one of the ways that insurance companies attempt to not pay for your treatment.

Dr. Dohner’s office will take care of the pre-authorization for your insurance company and supply them with the necessary documentation to pre-certify you for treatment.

If your ultrasound and examination show you do not have a true medical problem but only spider veins, then these are a cosmetic concern. Insurance companies do not consider spider veins a health problem and no longer pay for their treatment. Dr. Dohner can tell you about improving spider veins with Injection Sclerotherapy and/or Laser treatment.

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*Individual Results May Vary