A Comprehensive EATING GUIDE which includes what to avoid, food variety, and the role that stress and sleep play in weight loss. We also talk about how you’re going to feel in the first few weeks when starting the program.

The 7 Step QUICK START GUIDE – we give you complete instructions on what to do in the first THREE Days and how to get started!

We tell you about “The Ritual ” – the one thing you must do every day that will be the most important thing you do to lose the weight!

You will receive our ‘Principles for Success’ – why weekly office visits are absolutely necessary, how to achieve proper portion control, and how much you really need to lose.

We help you connect with your “WHY” – why do you really want to lose the weight?

We have great tools that help you track your progress.

We want you to think FAT Loss, NOT weight loss. When we perform a body weight analysis weekly, we will measure your body fat and total weight. We do not want you to lose muscle, only FAT!

Weight Loss Tips – we give you dozens of real world tips culled from decades of advice from the best experts in weight loss.

Questions we answer include:

Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?

How much water should I drink?

How much exercise do I need to do?

We also tell you exactly what you need to know about Appetite Suppressants and the current crop of weight loss meds. We use medications that block appetite by up to 50%. They also block carbohydrate cravings, improves metabolism, and gives energy and pleasant mood. However, they do require periodic monitoring and adjustments to ensure safe weight loss of 1-3 lbs./week. They are safe for the vast majority of people however cannot be used if you have certain eye or heart conditions.

We give you the Exact Food Lists to Eat & Not To Eat!