The Atkins diet can work. But it keeps you in long-term ketosis and it does not control the amounts we eat and it is boring. Also because it does not include enough vegetables and fruits, it is not healthy. This is not practical for most of us.

Our program is a true change in the way you look at and eat food. Real food. You will be eating a combination of foods that are optimized to nourish you. Initially you will be eating to burn fat, so portion size is regulated. But while you are trying to burn fat, ANY wheat or sugar will sabotage your metabolism and take you back to fat-storing. When you are working with us, we will teach you the types of foods to look for when you are shopping, when you are eating out and when you are at a family party or cookout.

In our system, once you have achieved your optimal weight and metabolism, portions are increased and more foods are added so that you can monitor how they affect you. You will never again have another question whether you can or cannot eat something. You will get control over your life and weight and thereby be able to CHOOSE to eat or not eat something.

Will I Ever Again Be Able To Eat The Things I Love?