How Did We Get Here?

If you’re like most of us, your weight has gradually crept up on you and gotten out of control when you weren’t looking. Then maybe one day you saw yourself in a photo and you said, “Who is that? That can’t be me!” Sure, you put on a few extra pounds but you were going to do something about those. But all your good intentions never went anywhere because you were just too busy at work or (ironically) with the kids’ sports to exercise. It’s hard to pay attention to what we eat on a daily basis because we are so busy. But before you knew it, those few pounds added up to a lot of excess baggage.

Or, maybe you’ve always struggled with your weight, and over the years just decided you weren’t one of the lucky “skinny people” who could eat anything they wanted to. But now you’ve come to realize that carrying all the weight is taking a terrible toll on your body and your health. You want to be active and not have to take diabetes / high blood pressure/cholesterol pills and not have painful knees.

It Doesn’t Matter How You Got Here