A Real Food Plan And A Story From Long Ago

The sad truth is that the diets to which we have been subjected for the past 50 years don’t work, because they are based on theories that people thought were correct. However, they actually had no real science to back them up at all. You see, for the past fifty years, we have been the unwitting subjects of a massive experiment based on the musings of a scientist, Ansel Keys. He postulated that a high-fat diet was responsible for an increase in cardiac death, and ultimately convinced the government to embark on programs to “de-fat” our diets. He may have meant well except that the facts never actually supported his idea!

Did you know that Americans today eat 50% less fat than we did in the 1940’s but we have the same risk of developing heart disease? And to make matters worse, we now have an obesity epidemic such as never seen before in human history!

So, what is the problem? And how can we fix it? Well, our problem stems from how we are designed.

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Now for the ancient story