Do you have a tattoo that didn’t turn out exactly the way you wanted? Is your aging tattoo a constant reminder of an unpleasant past? If you would like to erase the mistake and move on, you may be a good candidate for laser tattoo removal. Treatments are safer and easier than ever allowing you to quickly fade that bad tattoo for good.

At New York Skin & Vein Centers, we use the powerful, yet gentle Enlighten™ laser to banish unwanted tattoos without any pain or downtime. Enlighten™ is one of the fastest, most effective laser treatments on the market saving you both time and money.

How Much is Each Session?

The price of laser hair removal can vary greatly depending on the size, color, and age of your unwanted tattoo. Some smaller tattoos can be treated in as little as $200 per session. Larger tattoos can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000 each session. Dr. Dohner will evaluate your concerns and provide you with a price estimate at the time of your initial consultation.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

The number of sessions you’ll need can vary significantly. Older tattoos with darkly pigmented ink such as black or blue tend to respond best to laser tattoo removal. However, we’re able to remove almost any color tattoo with customized removal treatments. Whether you’ve got a newer, colorful tattoo or one that’s already partially faded, Enlighten™ can help.

Laser Tattoo Removal Consultations Available

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Many patients at NYSVC are able to significantly fade or entirely erase their unwanted tattoo in as little as just 2-sessions. Many practices are still using outdated technology to fade tattoos which can take upwards of 20-sessions or more. Get the most out of your tattoo removal when you opt for Enlighten™.

When Will I See Results?

Enlighten™ is a highly versatile laser treatment that uses two advanced technologies to rapidly break down the pigmentation within the tattoo. Over time, your body naturally metabolizes the ink leaving your skin tattoo-free. Initial results can be seen several days after treatment with gradual improvement over several months.

Dr. Dohner makes me feel at ease, I trust him. He and his staff give exceptional customer service. They make you feel welcome with their friendliness. They exhibit patience, and are very professional. I highly recommend!

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