Most women experience cellulite during their lifetime. Although quite normal, if your cellulite has been bothering you, there are ways to make it less noticeable. While there are no surefire ways to eliminate cellulite’s dimple-like appearance, there are treatments that can help you feel more attractive in your own skin. New York Skin and Vein Center uses Z-Wave, the FDA-approved treatment that breaks up cellulite without surgery or needles.

Oneonta Z-Wave

What is Z-Wave?

Z-Wave is a non-invasive procedure that uses an acoustic percussive device to send shock waves (no electricity involved) to break up cellulite. This treatment is different from other devices because it is well-controlled and tailored to your needs.

How Does it Work?

Z-wave uses pulse technology to drive sound waves into your dimpled cellulite. This breaks up and smooths the cellulite so you can wear bathing suits and shorts.

What Areas Can Be Treated?

Cellulite is usually seen on the thighs and buttocks and can be treated in one session. Treatments take less than 10 minutes per area, with the total treatment taking about 30 minutes.

Is There Downtime?

This pain-free, noninvasive procedure does not require anesthesia and you can return to your normal activities including the gym immediately. Z-wave is a safe alternative to surgical treatments and has no downtime or significant side effects.

Z-Wave Consultations Available

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What Results Can I Expect?

You may notice a change after your first few treatments. Optimal results are expected after 6-10 sessions. However, some patients may need 10-14 treatments to see their best results.

All patients are unique. Some do not require maintenance treatments, while others wish to preserve their refreshed tone with follow-up treatments.

Why does New York Skin and Vein Center use Z-Wave?

New York Skin and Vein Center trusts Z-Wave because it is a safe, effective treatment that has no pain or downtime. This noninvasive procedure can be used as a combined approach with other procedures to achieve the best results in fat melting with Vanquish ME

Is Z-Wave Right for Me?

Choosing an experienced provider ensures you are in the most skilled hands possible. A consult with board-certified Dr. Dohner is the best way to determine whether this treatment is right for you. He has over 20 years of experience and will assess your candidacy as well as address your questions before recommending a custom treatment plan.

Very friendly,helpful and efficient staff. They listen to you and take an interest in your overall health. Appointments are easy to schedule and they run on time! The office is pleasant and not over crowded. It feels a like a visit with friends rather than a doctor’s office!


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