Tired of plucking, waxing, or shaving to get rid of that unwanted hair, but you have sensitive skin and aren’t sure about laser hair removal? Concerned about the side effects of laser hair removal and have questions about the risks? At New York Skin & Vein Centers, we understand your concerns and are here to answer any questions you may have about laser hair removal treatments.

Laser Hair Removal Oneonta

How Does the Treatment Work?

Our Laser Hair Removal with Excel® HR treatment is a combination of two different lasers, the Alexandrite laser for light skin, and the ND: YAG, the only safe laser for dark skin. The precision lasers heat the hair follicles responsible for hair growth, killing them so they no longer grow the hair you don’t want. The use of both lasers during treatment reduces the risk of damage to the surrounding tissues, leaving you with smooth, stubble-free skin.

What are the Side Effects?

For most people, laser hair removal is safe, with no long-term side effects. There are sometimes temporary side effects immediately following the treatment, such as skin irritation similar to other types of hair removal, like waxing or plucking. There may also be a change of skin pigmentation, where lighter skin may darken, or darker skin may lighten. These effects are usually temporary and aren’t often cause for concern.

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It’s rare, but serious side effects can occur, like changes to overall skin texture, particularly after tanning. Scarring can happen for people who scar easily. Blisters or crusting can also occur with sun exposure too soon following the procedure. While extremely uncommon, awareness of these possible effects is a good idea.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Laser Hair Removal with Excel® HR is safe and effective for any skin type or tone and can be done in even the most sensitive areas. Rest assured that our staff has the training and experience to give you the best laser hair removal treatment available.

Dr. Dohner makes me feel at ease, I trust him. He and his staff give exceptional customer service. They make you feel welcome with their friendliness. They exhibit patience, and are very professional. I highly recommend!

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